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Virgin Coconut Oil

Price : USD 4.00 / Litre

Superior quality Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. Excellent health benefits. Rich in Lauric Acid. We are well known Virgin Coconut Oil Suppliers. Our coconut oil is produced in the exotic farms of the Far East/South Asia. The superior quality Virgin Coconut Oil is organic, cold-pressed, unbleached and unrefined. It is rich in Lauric acid with excellent health benefits. The coconut oil is a low calorie diet with good cholesterol control which also helps manage weight. Suitable for high heat cooking it retains composition at high temperatures. Food fried in the oil is much healthier as compared to other cooking mediums. It is also used as a skin and hair radiance supplement. All in all it contributes to a healthy lifestyle. We are Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Suppliers where our oil is produced in a controlled environment within organic processing guidelines and meets all international standards of food hygiene and safety. We are also RBD Coconut Oil Suppliers (Refined, Bleached and Deodorized) providing you with high quality RBD oil that can be used in food and cosmetic products. If you are selling on-line or you are a  wholesaler/distributor or you are a manufacturer, then we have a solution for you that will add to your profit margin. Please contact us for further information.Thyroid and brain stimulant.


  • Superior quality Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Organic and Cold-pressed
  • Unbleached and unrefined

The Virgin Coconut Oil is produced on modern plants under hygienic conditions. Strict quality control methods are applied and the product conforms to international standards. The production facility is ISO22000 certified.

Product is certified by USDA and Europe organic certifying agencies

  • Coconut oil ranks high as a low-calorie cooking medium
  • Replaces butter and other cooking oils
  • It is suitable for high heat cooking and retains composition at high temperatures
  • High smoke point allows cooking, frying and baking in delicious recipes
  • Also used in manufacture of cosmetics, luxury soaps and skin products


  • Rich in Lauric Acid. Low calorie diet with super cholesterol control
  • Excellent health benefits
  • Food fried in coconut oil is much healthier as compared to other oils
  • Helps manage weight and keeps diabetes in check
  • Supports healthy digestion and boosts immune system
  • Skin and hair radiance supplement. Used for baby and adult body massage
  • Contributes to a healthy lifestyle

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  • The organic virgin coconut oil is supplied in convenient retail packaging for supermarkets and resellers in standard 500 ML and 1 Liter sizes
  • Larger packaging of 200 Liters and 1,000 Liters is available for bakeries and manufacturing facilities
  • The oil is packed with your own private brand label
  • Minimum order quantity: 4 pallets of any one size
  • Palletized and shipped in containers via ocean freight

If you are a Distributor, Manufacturer, Wholesaler or an On-line reseller then we have a solution for you that will add to your profit margin. Please contact us for further details.


Type Organic/Virgin
Packaging 10/20/200 And 1000 Liters
Place of Origin Far East / South Asia
Shelf Life 2 years
Flavor Coconut aroma

Additional Information

Min. Order Quantity 3000 Litre
Port Far East/South Asia
Payment Terms L/C, T/T
Delivery Time 3-4 weeks
Packaging Details Glass jars - 200 ML, 300 ML, 500 ML, 1 Liter /
Plastic pails - 10 Liters, 20 Liters /
Drums - 200 Liters /
Totes - 1,000 Liters